Friday, January 08, 2016

Crossfit Total

I went backwards on the CFT this time but I'm not too concerned, I was a bit sore from the day before plus I had a break over Christmas AND I had ripped my hands doing pull ups.  The Gods were against me.

The positive I got from the workout was how I failed my squat.  This may seem an odd thing to say but normally I fail my squat by not getting to depth ... when it gets heavy my thinky brain tells me that there is no way I'll get out of the hole so I stop before I hit depth.  Yesterday was one of the few times I needed a spotter to actually help me at the sticking point.  This is a big step forward for me with regard to getting out of the comfort zone.

Date Squat Press Deadlift Total
20/09/2013 52.5 30 82.5 165
20/12/2013 57.5 32.5 92.5 182.5
1/05/2014 55 32.5 100 187.5
18/12/2014 47.5 33.5 75 156
1/07/2015 55 34.5 95 184.5
7/01/2016 55 32.5 95 182.5
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