Sunday, September 11, 2005

Week 2

I haven't been able to post for a couple of weeks. Busy training and the usual hectic schedule. Training is going really well, I have been able to get to Body Attack a couple of times this week as well as Balance Friday night. Eats are not so good, I have been so hungry (which usually happens when I up the cardio) but unfortunately I have been craving sweets :( I think I need to plan a bit better and have some nice things in the cupboard to treat myself. Anyway here are the stats thus far:

Weight = 49 kg (-1 kg)
Chest = 76.5 cm (+0.3 cm)
Waist = 62.2 cm (at the smallest part) (+0.9 cm)
Waist (around navel) = 67.5 cm (-0.5 cm)
Calves = 36 cm (=)
Arms = 24 cm (=)
Thighs = 52.5 cm (-0.5 cm)
Hips = 92.7 cm (-0.9 cm)
Body Fat = 21% (-1%)

My waist circumference has increased a little but I'm not too worried as I have had some bloating in the last few weeks. Its great being a woman, isn't it?
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