Monday, September 04, 2006

Getting rid of the winter coat

I guess I'm a lot like most women. I have been living in this little dreamworld where I refuse to believe I have gained a few kgs (even though my measurements say otherwise) and then I try to wear my size 8 shorts and I can't zip them up! I started the week so strongly last week but by Friday I was flat out getting out of bed let alone exercise, take kids to school, work plus all the other things working mums have to do so I opted to take the day off exercise. That would have been okay but Friday night I went to a girls night and ate junk which continued for the rest of the weekend! The unfortunate thing I'm starting the cycle of eating junk, feeling low in energy so then have junk (or caffeine) to make me feel better. I know what I need to do to break the cycle and I know that I can do it because I've done it before. Its time to rewrite my goals, clean out the cupboards and as the Nike saying goes, "Just Do It!"

“Perseverance is failing 9 times and succeeding the 10th.”
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