Thursday, September 07, 2006

Training for Wednesday 6/9/06 and Thursday 7/9/06

Training yesterday was pretty good: chest, shoulders and triceps. The girls had ballet so I managed to get to the gym for my cardio workout and then walk the dog while the girls rode their bikes. It really gets my heartrate up when I have to push their bikes up the hills. Anyway, here's what I did:

Pushups 3x15

Press 3x10 @ 7kg/side
Lat raise 3x12 @ 7kg/side

Kickback 3x15 @ 7kg
Overhead raise 3x15 @ 7kg

10 minutes Stationary bike
15 minutes Row machine
40 minute walk

Food was:

1:Porridge with blueberries, sunflower seeds, protein powder and milk
2:Strawberries and 2 x vita wheat with cheese
3:Leftovers (fish and salad)
4:Pria bar
5:Low fat beef stroganoff

Training for today
30 minutes yoga
a very slow 20 minute walk - the girls came with me today (hubby working back)

1:1/2 bowl porridge with the norm (didn't feel like it today), 1 piece of toast with vegemite
2:Apple and 2 x vita wheat with cheese
3:Leftovers (Low fat beef stroganoff)
5:Zucchini and carrot slice
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