Saturday, December 23, 2006

2 Sleeps Til Christmas!!!!!!!!!

I don't think I have mentioned it but I just LOOOOOOVE Christmas. I'll be up at sparrow's fart on Chrissy morning poking the girl's so they can open their presents (and wanting to open mine). I just have to have the big roast dinner with all the trimming and sit around the table in the middle of the day with sweat dripping off you with those cheesy paper crowns and telling bad jokes from the bon-bons. I love eating myself stupid so you sit there all afternoon feeling like your going to burst. My husband is the total opposite - he's very bah-humbug (although he loves the food and drink part of it) but he indulges me and gets up early and then proceeds to walk around like an old grump all day.
We are having it at our house this year which in some ways makes it easier for us. It was funny because I think my Mum was wanting everyone down at her place but we didn't like the prospect of having to lug all the kids pressies down there and then have to bring them all back. My brother was thinking pretty much the same. So I told Mum that we weren't travelling. Next thing my bro rang me and invited his family here. We were pretty much railroaded but I really don't mind because I enjoy it so much. The only downside is my in-laws will be here too. She is the most negative person I know and I just know she is going to constantly bag everything and everyone. I guess for one day I can grin and bear it!
What else can I say but:

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