Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Well I finally got my butt into gear and wrote a new program for myself. I usually do a 4 day split and cardio on 5-6 days but in the attempt to burn a bit more fat I have changed to a 3 day split so I can work a bit harder on my cardio. Yesterday I trained chest, back and abs and, boy, am I sore! God I love that feeling!
I also went for a bike ride which I haven't done in months and it nearly killed me. I enjoyed it though, it has made a nice change from what I am currently doing although my dog has gotten used to going for a run in the morning and I could here him crying as I rode down the hill. I made it up to him by taking him for a walk in the afternoon. Today I have gone for a walk/run (my jogging is more like a shuffle) and I should go for another walk this afternoon - depending on my friend who comes walking with me. She's not the most reliable person.
I often shake my head at this lady as she is the kind of person who bitches about her weight but does nothing about it. Her and another friend have been at me to write them a fitness program which I did so begrudgingly as I'm not accredited and didn't feel comfortable. I did this for them a couple of months ago but she couldn't see the point of starting 2 months before Christmas and the other friend lasted 1 week. I'm a bit upset as I put a bit of work into it and for it to be wasted I thought why did I bother. I also said to her that for her to lose weight she needs to up the ante with regards to her cardio (she only walks for about 20 minutes and not at a great pace) but she came up with a myriad of excuses. I don't think she thinks about how I managed to exercise with minimal equipment, a husband that worked shiftwork, two young kids and worked. I've only become a gym member in the last year so I did it all from home. Of course things have gotten easier, hubby's no longer on shift and the kids are getting older (although at 4 and 5 not old enough to be left at home) but I guess if you want it bad enough you find ways of fitting in exercise.
Sorry for the vent!
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