Thursday, December 14, 2006

Good Intentions

Last night I thought to myself it was time to get motivated. I don't seem to have problems with exercise because its a habit but food is another issue. So last night I made myself a chicken and salad wrap to take to work fo lunch as well as some apricots and salada's and philly cheese for smoko. Unfortunately, today I remembered my wrap but forgot my morning tea. DOH! As I tend to get a bit shaky when my sugar levels get low I HAVE to have my smoko but silly me doesn't have an emergency stash at work so instead of a healthy meal I had coffee, a couple of candy canes and 2 ginger nut bickies. I guess I had a good lunch!

I woke up this morning quite tired. I'm not sure if its due to lack of sleep (the girl's haven't been sleeping well) or stress at work. I feel as though I am taking 2 steps forward and 3 back at moment at work as I am getting more samples than I can analyse in a day. I may have to do some O/T but I hate having my kids in daycare any longer than necessary.

I went for a run but had to walk part of the way and really struggled through my weights. On the bright side, I pushed myself through it when I could have given up. I'll take the dog for another walk this afternoon but if my walking partner decides to give it a miss (which is highly likely) I may go for a ride
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