Saturday, January 13, 2007

Food for yesterday

We had friends drop over yesterday for the usual Friday night drinks while I was blogging so I had to leave before I had the chance to write down food for yesterday. It was a great start but ended pretty badly as I said, friends dropped over for drinks. I didn't drink but when there bickies and dip in front of me I just got to eat them. Anyway, here it goes:

1: Scrambled eggs with mushrooms, shallots, chives and semidried tomatoes (we didn't have any fresh ones in the fridge)
2: Watermelon and protein shake
3: Left over chicken and salad.
4: Green apple, boiled egg and coffee
5: The previously mentioned BBQ shapes and dip plus a chocolate milk (EEEK!)

I did my measurements this morning and while I have lost a little this week I compared them to before Christmas and, Holy Crap, no wonder my pants are little too snug! If that's not motivation nothing is!!!
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