Monday, January 08, 2007

Time to Kick Some Ass ... or so I thought

Today was a struggle to get out of bed but at 5:25 this morning (25 minutes after the alarm went off) I dragged myself out to go for my walk/run to warm-up for my weights workout. Today I'm training shoulders, biceps and triceps with my new program. I decided to try a couple of different exercises courtesy of Oxygen mag. My youngest woke up and was complaining of sore legs so I gave her some panadol and plonked her in front of the box. I put it down to lack of sleep or growing pains. Part way through my workout she started throwing up so in between cleaning her up (and the lounge), washing towels etc I squeezed in my sets. My 40 minute workout has turned into an hour and a half. Hopefully the poor little love has got it out of her system - its hard to see them sick.

As disjointed as it was I still managed to have a good workout although I don't think I'll ever like shoulder presses. I should be able to go for another walk this arvo although I'm really looking forward to my bike ride I have planned for tomorrow.
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