Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Yesterday my walking partner was a no show. I didn't mind so much as I had walked Mossy in the morning so I did Yoga and Pilates instead. I had 2 little students (3 if you include the cat) with me which was quite cute. Moo really enjoyed it and insisted we did it again today.

Today was cardio so I went for 1/2 hour ride this morning as that's all the time I can fit in before hubby goes to work. I haven't been riding much lately and it absolutely killed. My legs were burning and I was huffing and puffing. I didn't realise Gladstone had so many hills! I enjoyed it though and maybe I'm a little bit sick but I love it went my legs are really shaky after a workout. My walking partner didn't come walking AGAIN this afternoon! So Moo and I went for a walk instead. I managed to keep my heartrate up by keeping up with her while she rode her bike or by pushing her up hills.

Diet has been OK although I haven't had much time to eat afternoon tea as I've been working back. I also didn't drink enough water today - the joys of working in a laboratory as I can't have my water bottle with me at all times. I'll have to make sure that I take the time to go out for water.
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