Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Today I trained chest, back and abs. I really struggled on the incline chest press and could only manage 10kg per side. I was a bit disappointed but I think it was due to such a long break. It takes so long to build the muscle but not much to lose it. I also think that I really should eat in the morning but I find it hard to stomach food so early. Its something I need to look at.

My friend didn't walk again today. I wasn't all that surprised and when she rang she vowed to get back into it next week. She has joined up at Weight Watchers again so I hope that will give her some motivation. I went walking this morning so I had this afternoon off.

Food is still alright. Here's what I had today:

1: Brown rice with fruit, sunflower seeds, almonds, protein powder and yoghurt.
2: Banana, corn and cheese fritter (okay I suppose that's not the best but it was in the fridge), green tea
3: Steak and salad.
4: Cruskits with peanut butter and a cup of coffee
5: Spaghetti bolognaise (easy Wednesday night dinner)

I know I could most probably be stricter with my food but to be honest I didn't really look at it until now. I normally don't have that much pasta at night but with hubby at cricket training I tend to have easier options on Wednesday nights (excuses, excuses).

Cardio day tomorrow. I'm not sure if I'll take the dog for a run or do stair runs yet. Maybe I'll do both.
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