Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tuesday 28/8/07

It was another busy weekend in our household. I went to the gym, as usual, on Saturday morning and did sprint intervals and then Body Attack. I got home, had a quick bite to eat, a shower and took the kids to a birthday party at the indoor play centre. I took along the latest Women's Health and Fitness Mag and put my feet up while the kids played with their friends. After that party it was straight onto the next one. This one was our friend's sons first birthday party so it was more for the parents. After trying to eat a bit healthy (I had an incredibly bad chicken and salad sandwich at the play centre), all good intentions went out the window after a few wines. All I can say is that there was KFC involved - 'nuff said. Oh well, you gotta have days like that!

I got my training for this week and all I can say is WHOA NELLY! It looks pretty tough but I have needed to step it up for some time now so I'm looking forward to training hard. The best part was that I had no weight training this morning so I had a sleep in. YAY! My poor dog didn't get his walk this morning but he has a friend over while her owners are away and they spend their time playing so I thought he wouldn't mind missing out on his walk for one day.
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