Saturday, September 22, 2007

0.3 kg Gone and New Stuff

I weighed myself yesterday morning and was amazed to see another 0.3kg lost which now makes me 53.1 kg.

I decided to take a couple of days off work this week, I really need to take a break from work as I am so over the daily grind. Moo had a pupil free day yesterday and its now school holidays so I decided to take yesterday as well as Monday and Tuesday off. We have been talking about going to Rockhampton for a shopping trip as I really need new runners and there's not much around town. When I told Hubby about me taking leave, he took Friday off as well and we headed up to Rocky. I managed to spend a small fortune at Lorna Jane as well as buying some new runners from A-Mart as seen below (with a model!)

I took them out for a spin this morning and am pretty happy with them. I did the footy field training again this morning and I am so tired now. It was such a struggle to have to walk home after all those sprints (especially trying to walk up our hill).
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