Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Checking in

Not much to say today, just a quick check in. Training is going well still. I have a new program from Liz which got the usual response of, "She wants me to do what?! I can't do that!" Of course, each week I give it a go and find that I can do it and each week I am getting fitter and stronger. I tend to doubt myself and my own abilities - I guess that's because I always sucked big-time at sports as a kid - but I really need to back myself more often.

I have a busy weekend ahead of me. Its my brother's 40th birthday party which will be a harbour cruise. It should be great. Missy T has a party on Sunday and our friends are moving house. I stupidly offered to make some desserts for my brother's party - I just don't know when I will fit it in plus I would love to make our friends some dinner as there is nothing worse than moving house and then have to cook (or have takeaway).
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