Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I have taken some more progress photos but have yet to post them. I haven't done so for a couple of reasons. The first is that I've exceeded my download limit for the month and have been throttled back so it would take forever for me to download them and secondly, I'm disappointed in them. This is no reflection on my training as I feel great and have much more energy than I ever have. I feel leaner and my clothes are getting looser. My photos did show all that but I think I was expecting to go "Wow!" and I didn't. I guess you see the photos in the magazines of the 12 week body blitz with their fantastic transformations and I haven't seen this in myself. In saying that, I am not doing a body blitz, my goal is more long term and its not about losing weight but totally transforming my body. It will take time for me to gain the muscle I need to compete, I need to keep training hard and to be patient.

Its Missy T's birthday tomorrow. I opted out of baking a cake for Kindy for today and bought one instead. As I go to the gym on a Tuesday evening I really didn't want to get home and have to bake. Every now and then us Mums have to take that Superwoman cape off.
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