Saturday, October 27, 2007

Stick a fork in me ....

coz I'm done - well at least my training is for the week. I couldn't make it to the gym today so I substituted the normal workout for the Footy Field Workout. Normally I really enjoy this session but today I was unable to take my training partner (my dog) because we are looking after our friend's dog and I don't trust her off her leash and I felt bad if I took Mossy and not her so I left them both at home. I have loads of fun when I take him along as I usually race him when I do sprints. I also forgot my MP3 player and I need tunes to keep me going. Its amazing how your mind can affect your workout. I usually am singing along to the music and don't think too much about how I'm feeling. Today, however, as I was running I was thinking about how my legs felt like lead weights, how my hair was pissing me off as its too short to put up but too long to leave out, even my finger that I spilt Nitric Acid on this week was bugging me (not that it hurts, its more the lack of feeling - I know, I know, I should have been wearing gloves!) I soldiered on through the workout and its done and I feel better for it now but I really have to change my mindset somedays and focus on positives rather than negatives.

I'm trying to make sure I don't have a weekend like last weekend. A lot of bad food choices which ended in me feeling like absolute crap. I just can't tolerate junk food anymore. We went to the markets and the girls were hungry so I bought them a plate of Dutch pancakes with syrup on them. Naturally, when they couldn't finish them I polished off the plate. Next thing I know my heart is racing, I'm feeling dizzy and my hands and legs start to swell. I've noticed this a few times, especially soft drink or when I eat sweet stuff on an empty stomach. I've learnt an important lesson - if I go out I need to eat beforehand so I'm not tempted and if my girls can't finish off their food I should throw it out rather than finish it off.

I have a fairly busy week ahead of me next week. Missy T turns 5 on Thursday so I will be baking cakes to take to kindy on Wednesday and we're having a party next Sunday. She has requested a mermaid theme party, I have been searching the internet for mermaid cakes (that are easy) and party game ideas. I love parties even though I'm a total stress-head the day before. I don't think the kids care too much - as long as there's lollies and a cake they are happy.
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