Thursday, November 01, 2007

On A More Positive Note

After having a couple of low days I have decided to document some of the things I'm loving at the moment:

  • Training. I don't think I have ever pushed myself like this before and I'm really enjoying it. I love it when I've had a tough cardio session and my legs feel like jelly.
  • Improved strength. I can do dive bomber pushups, explosive pushups and other stuff that I never thought I could do.
  • Better energy. I'm not dragging my feet every day.
  • Food. I could eat my ricotta dip and raw veges everyday of the week if I could. Another favourite is the fake frozen cheesecake. Yum!
  • My family. My girls often comment on various figure photos and point out their nice backs or arms. Its never negative and they ask if I'm going to look like that.
Today is Missy T's birthday. I asked her what she would like as her special birthday dinner to which she replied Maccas. I should have known! I thought about having this as my free meal but to be honest I would much rather have something that I like as my free meal so I got a beef and veg casserole out of the freezer. It got me thinking about my free meal. Last week hubby went shopping for groceries and bought home some bread rolls for his lunch. I felt like eggs so I was cooking them up and decided to grab one of the rolls. I ate my egg and then had the roll with just butter and it tasted sooooo good, I savoured every last morsel. I thought how sad that my free meal is a white bread roll. Most people would kill for chocolate or KFC but to be honest I really don't feel like that stuff. I have had chocolate sitting in my fridge for the last month and I haven't touched it (mind you, its not white chocolate - that would be a different matter!)
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