Saturday, October 13, 2007

Life is Good

I'm feeling great today. I went to Body Attack as well as did some Tabata Intervals on the stationary bike and pushed myself that little bit harder. Leigh, the Body Attack instructor (also the winner at the INBAs last week), mixed the music up a bit today and included some of my favourite tracks. Its amazing how music can affect workouts, I haven't really enjoyed the latest releases therefore I don't think I work as hard.

Over the winter I had grown out of my favourite "Bundy Rum" short shorts. I tried them on this morning and they fit again!!! I've been really doubting myself this week, wondering what the hell I was thinking and that I would never be in shape by April. Today, however, I'm feeling more positive. I can see my legs leaning out and muscles forming in my upper body and today I'm thinking, YES! I can do it. There are other women out there who have had kids and work and live hectic lives, they can do it and so can I.

Good luck to Liz and Shannon competing in the ANB's as well as the other gorgeous ladies competing this weekend - mind you luck has nothing to do with it, just hard work and determination!
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