Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Summer is here

Summer has definitely hit Gladstone, it has been very humid over the last few days and it feels like we are going to get a storm (not that we ever do). I had a great workout yesterday. As Missy T was home sick I could go once hubby got home with Moo so I missed the after work rush. I got my heartrate to 165 bpm which I was pretty impressed with and I apparently burnt over 500 calories and that was without the jumping split squats I also did.

One of the instructors on the weekend won the Intermediate Figure Section at the INBAs on the weekend. She looked so proud of herself and had a great weekend. She looks fantastic, I'll have to ask her to see her photos. I spoke to her last week and she seemed tired and just over the whole thing and this week she is on such a high saying how it was all worth it. Regardless of winning or losing, it would be such a buzz - I can't wait to go through it myself.
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