Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Mini Personal Trainer

I have my gym set up in my study and when I'm working out I have my music pumping through my computer. Often my girls get up early and come in to listen to the music and just talk to me while I'm working out. Sometimes they like to 'workout' with me usually doing squats or playing around with my Gymstick - its so cute. Yesterday, Missy T came in and was drawing while I was doing my upper body workout. I had just finished a set of dive bomber push ups (which I find effin' hard!) and was laying facedown on the floor during my rest. In typical Missy T way she said, "Whatcha doing, Mum?"
To which I replied that I was resting. She then promptly said to me, "Well you better get up and finish your exercises!"
Talk about cracking the whip!
Training is still going well. I had the dreaded 'Bolt and Burn' treadmill workout last night and my legs are feeling it today. By the end of the session I am dripping with sweat and puffing and panting and it feels great afterwards.
I've had another small loss on the scales this week. I'm not sure if this is a good thing as I'm trying to maintain my weight at the moment. I have brought even more food to work today to try and up my calories even more. I find the exercise part is easy to do - you just follow what is prescribed and its all good - its the food part thats difficult.
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