Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I love Wednesdays. I start work at 6 am and have the lab to myself for around 1 hour and I absolutely love the peace and quiet. No running around trying to get the girls ready for school, no getting loads of washing in the machine and then hanging it out, no unpacking the dishwasher and packing it again with the breaky dishes, no nagging, I just get up and go to work. The rush then happens after I pick up the girls for school when its off to ballet and I go to the gym (plus all the usual evening activites of homework, dinner etc) but at least I have had that hour at work where I have had some peace. I'm usually busy - I have samples running now - but I can potter around and not feel like I have someone looking over my shoulder.
I'm a person who needs time by myself. I find it challenging having children as I can't even go to the toilet without someone walking in on me. This is why I love to get up early every morning to have some me time whether its working out, playing on the computer, reading the paper or just to sit on our front veranda with a cuppa and watch the world go by.
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