Friday, November 02, 2007

For Debstar

Okay I'm going to try to copy this from Fitness Destinations:

"Dive Bomber Push Ups

This exercise was also featured as the exercise of the day, and is an incredible movement not just for upper body strength, but for core stabilization as well.
In order to do the Dive Bomber Push Up correctly, be sure to have a very controlled rate of speed during the exercise, and also follow the same upward and downward arch throughout the repetition.
Also, get as much of your body as close as possible to the floor without actually coming into contact with the floor, and be sure to return all the way up to the fully extended position when you ascend back to the top of the movement."

Not sure how to get the animation up there but if you click on the link you should be able to see it.

Liz sent me the recipe for the cheesecake. I love it as its quick and easy to make.

100 g Frozen Raspberries
100 g Cottage Cheese
10 g Protein Powder (I think Liz had Vanilla flavour but I normally use chocolate or at the moment Cookies and Cream)

Mix them all together and place into freezer until just frozen.

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