Sunday, December 02, 2007

At Work On A Sunday

Missy T has her Kindy Christmas Concert on Wednesday as well as a Prep Transition Day so I decided to work today and then have Wednesday off. I'm tired of having to use up my annual leave for kindy or school functions as I would much rather take the time off when the kids are on holidays. The good thing about working on a Sunday is that I can focus on getting odd jobs done that I normally can't do through the week as I have samples to test. Hubby and the girls bought me in lunch which was nice to be able to spend a little bit of time with them today. We don't tend to buy a lot of takeaway as its too expensive so the girls were very excited to get KFC today. He bought Subway for us, I ordered a salad which I was less than impressed with, way too much lettuce and not enough meat for my liking. As I was still a bit hungry I had a few chips and a chicken nugget and I'm still hungry. Its no wonder as when I entered the salad into CalKing it was only 135 calories. I'm on such a steep learning curve with regard to food and I'm still learning the hard way.

I'm glad that we are heading into the best fruit season. I had my first mango of the season today and it was divine. I hate buying mangoes as we used to have a tree in our yard where I grew up so I've only had to start buying them in the last few years. I usually put off buying them until they are cheaper or if I happen to come across a roadside vendor.
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