Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I'm Ready(?)

I'm back and am exhausted after a very busy weekend down at the Gold Coast. Our flights left Rocky at 6:30 am on Saturday which meant that we (my friend and I) had to be up and about at around 3:15. Once we got to Brissy we grabbed the train to Indooroopilly so I could train with Liz and another of her clients. What a great workout! My legs are still sore and J, my friend, had to listen to me complain everytime I had to move. My jaw just dropped when I saw the gym. OMG, there was so much space. At my gym they have crammed so many pieces of equipment into a small area there is no room to swing a cat.

After the training session, we trained it down to the Coast and managed to fit in a little bit of shopping. There was a sale at Lorna Jane so as I said to my hubby I could have spent so much more money - I actually saved money. I don't think he bought it.

Sunday was the seminar. We had a small group of 6 ladies which was great as we got to spend some more time with Jo and Donna. I had no idea how hard posing was going to be. I felt as though I was never going to get it. As the day wore on I got more confident but I know I can be so much better. At one point I had a mini panic attack, the other girls seemed so much more leaner and musclier, I felt like walking out. Most of the other girls there would be competing against me in May and I thought I don't have a hope in hell. I gave myself a stern talking to and reminded myself of why I'm doing it. I want to be the best I can be - it doesn't really matter about anyone else. If I place that would be great but at the end of the day that isn't important.

The great thing about seeing Jo is that she could critique my physique. My traps are a bit overdeveloped which could be due to me inadvertantly shrugging my shoulders when performing shoulder exercises. I really need to be wary of that. On the plus side, my abs should be good once I lose a bit more body fat.

The other thing I need to work on is my nerves. I don't know if I should look into some meditative techniques as I can shake quite badly when around people I don't really know or in situations where I'm not totally comfortable.
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