Sunday, March 09, 2008

The Weekend

We've had a reasonably busy weekend in our household. Hubby is at cricket today so the girls and I are enjoying a lazy Sunday without Dad. Needless to say, there will be no sport on the TV all day.

I went to the gym for my leg workout yesterday. I had to take my own BOSU as the instructors at the gym stared at me with blank expressions when I asked if they had one. They did the same when I asked if they had any kettleballs. I tell you what, I had better have the best arse ever after all this glute work! In saying that, I tried on my short shorts yesterday. They were a little snug a couple of weeks ago and now are a fitting nicely - even a bit loose. YAY!!

After the gym, we went up to visit our friend at the hospital. She had a baby girl on Friday and bub was absolutely gorgeous. Our friends have 3 boys and now have a little girl and are as pleased as punch. And, no, it didn't make me clucky!

Last night, I took the girls to see a local production of 'Beauty and the Beast'. What a great night! The girls had a fantastic time, I don't think they wanted it to end.
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