Friday, May 09, 2008

Just Stuff

Today my prescribed workout was Cathe Friedrich's Body Max 2 DVD. Missy T came out toward the end of it and did the stretch section with me. She looked so cute doing the pigeon pose in her pink flanny P.J.'s

This time next week we'll be in Brisbane. I'll have to do a list of things that I will need to take to Brissy so as to not forget anything. I decided to take next week off work to try and get myself organised. I have felt like I'm running around like a chook with its head cut off so it'll be nice to have a chance to do the things I never get the opportunity to do (like clean the house). I can also work on my posing to try and perfect it as I haven't had a lot of time of an evening to practise.

We have a very busy weekend ahead of us with a few social gatherings scheduled. Not exactly ideal with the comp only a week away but I have gotten used to being surrounded by 'forbidden' food and most of the time I'm quite okay with not being able to have it. I know that I have a free meal scheduled for Sunday (and I'm even allowed a bit of licorice!!) and I'm happy to hang out for then.
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