Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Under 47!!!!

It seems like forever I've been weighing in the 47's (when I guess its only been a few weeks) but I've finally broken that barrier and am now 46.8 kg. Part of me feels bony and it hurts to lie on the floor or sit on hard chairs and another part of me is wondering why I still have fat on my thighs. I still have a freak out every now and then that I won't good enough but overall I'm feeling confident and excited. I can't wait to catch up with some of the people that will be either competing or coming to watch, it should be a great weekend.

I have had to retract all my bitching about my in-laws as they have decided to stay in town next weekend and look after the girls. I would love the girls to come with us but I think logistically it will be so much easier if they stayed at home. At least I won't be worried about making sure they are okay and Hubby and I can have some kid-free time.
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