Friday, June 13, 2008

Little Miss Cranky Pants

Yep, that's been me this week. I'm not sure why I'm crabby, I just am. I'm thinking that it might be PMT, I say might because I haven't had a cycle for 2 months and apart from my mood and feeling a little tired I have no other symptoms. I guess its just a case of wait and see.

This week I incorporated the DVD's I got from Liz into my training. When she said they were DOMS-worthy she was right! My legs are already sore from this morning's workout - how are they going to be tomorrow. The Amy Bento DVD (which I did instead of watching State Of Origin Wednesday night) was fun with great music although I have to say it wasn't the best idea to have butter chicken before doing it. Tomorrow will be one of Liz's bootcamp style workouts which I always enjoy, it will be nice to get out with the dog maybe that will improve my mood :o)
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