Friday, June 06, 2008

The Weekend Ahead

Yay, its a long weekend!! I have a few plans for this weekend and it will be interesting to see how much I actually get done. Tomorrow I will be going to Body Attack and then do a leg workout. I haven't done the new release yet so it will be good to do something new. Tomorrow night I will be going to Sex And The City with some girlfriends. We are going to the Gold Room which I'm a bit excited about as I have never been there before. Needless to say, tomorrow night will be a planned free meal so I will have to make sure I eat well through the day. I think we are will be going to a BBQ on Monday at the Marina, not sure yet though as a few people are going away. It would be nice to take the kids somewhere anyway just to get out of the house. I'm also planning to start my veggie patch as the price of produce is so expensive here and the quality is pretty poor. At the moment its just a matter of setting up the site where I want it and start prepping the soil. I'll have to read up on what is best to plant at this time of the year etc.

All in all everything is going well. Food has been pretty good and my weight has dropped since my weekend binge. Plus, I received a couple of new DVDs from Liz which I am itching to try out.
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