Friday, June 20, 2008

Only Myself To Blame

The problem with training oneself is that I have no-one to curse while I'm in the middle of a session. This morning I set myself hill sprints and the Cosgrove Leg Matrix. Part way through my sprints I realised that at that point I would normally be calling Liz all the names under the sun but I can't do that at the moment - so I had to curse myself instead. I was worried that without a trainer I would lose momentum and not push myself hard enough but my workouts have been good and I'm not slackening off any.

My weight is inching closer to my goal maintenance weight and I'm definitely seeing it in my body. I'm a lot softer than I was a few weeks ago but it honestly does not concern me as I know I can't look like I did for the comp all the time. The amazing part is that my butt and hips haven't gotten that much bigger and I'm still fitting into my skinny jeans.

I received an email this week in regard to Jo Rogers coming to Gladdie for some posing sessions. Even though I'm not going to be competing again until next year I have booked myself in for an hour session with her - there was no chance that I was going to miss out on that opportunity.
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