Thursday, June 26, 2008

Yes Boss!

I haven't been blogging too much lately. Partially due to the fact that I haven't got much to say - my life is work, training or sleeping and not much else - and a large part is that I haven't felt too positive and I'm sure people don't want to constantly hear me whinging.

I have had enough of work at the moment. I'm in a team that has one person in it that is a nasty piece of work. She is playing people off against one another and while I usually try to keep out of office politics I have been sucked into it. She had me quite upset last week and I've had to make the conscious effort to not allow this woman to drag me down.

I've also been worried about what to do with the girls through the holidays. We were looking at putting them into a childcare facility but at $40 per day per child we decided that we couldn't really afford it. I don't have a lot of leave so I will be taking a couple of days off, hubby's taking a week off and then his parents are going to have them as well. I realised last night that we have a pupil free day on the Monday back so I will have to organise something for then as well. I'm really trying not to complain about finding care throughout holiday as I feel its been our choice for me to work but there are days (especially when works not so good) when I think it would be a hell of a lot easier if I didn't work. I guess we are lucky that we have family here that can help out.

Well, wasn't that just the most positive post!
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