Saturday, November 22, 2008


We made it through the week. This is our third ballet concert and I have to say it hasn't gotten any easier. This year I won't be backstage to help out as I don't have a 'blue card' and while I can't wait to see the girls on stage this year part of me is worrying about costume changes. Moo is in 5 dances this year and Missy T is in 2. I wasn't at dress rehearsal yesterday (again - I couldn't go into the dressing rooms without a card) but one of the mum's commented afterwards about Moo doing so well with all her costume changes which was comforting. I was reminded how responsible she is - I am such a proud Mummy! I hope she does okay today as there will only be one helper backstage today (God I pity that woman!) The only other thing I had to do was have a chat to her about a little girl that is bullying her. Moo will 'turn the other cheek' which is great but I've noticed this little bitch continues to treat Moo like crap. Moo was horrified when I told her the next time this girl is nasty to turn around and tell her to 'rack off'. I think there comes a time when the bullying continues that a person should stand up for themselves. I'm not talking physically but verbally. I'm sure she'll be okay - I might just be the mummy tigress looking out for her cub.
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