Saturday, February 21, 2009

On The Bandwagon

1. Weight training body part?I used to be a chest and shoulders girl but now tending toward legs. I love that wobbly feeling after a great leg workout.

2. Cardio exercise? Pretty much anything. I'm loving my bike atm but I do love to take Mossy for a walk and I enjoy Body Attack if the classes aren't too packed.

3. Intervals or steady state? Definitely intervals if on cardio equipment. Steady state can be soooo boring but I do enjoy long walks outside.

4. Carbs – friend or foe?Friend for sure.

5. Cheat meal? Hubby's Steak Dianne with some chips and veg. My hubby is the best cook.

6. Treat? Licorice, licorice bullets, drumsticks, Atomic Tomato or Salt and Vinegar chips - not all at the same time though (mind you I have done that before)

7. Protein Powder?Ladybird Whey - chocolate mixed with ricotta and raspberries ... mmmmm

8. Gym outfit? If at home or at aerobics, an LJ crop top with shorts or add a singlet (I love the slogan ones) if in the gym or out walking.

9. Runners/Shoes?Adidas

10. Clean or Dirty Diana? (clean healthy food or healthy with naughty extras)I am so Dirty Diana. I have a little treat most days.

11. Inspiration?I have so many. For me its everyday women who have love and live fitness as well as fit in work and/or families. Our lives are so hectic nowadays and its hard to fit it all in.

12. Fat Loss Philosophy? Eat clean(ish) and move. It sounds so easy but it aint!

13. Favourite Fitness Related Store or Brand:Lorna Jane all the way.

14. Last fitness related item you picked up? my spin bike when I moved it around this morning.

15. Your fitness philosophy? Find something you enjoy and stick to it.
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