Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wednesday Update

Boy, I am still a busy little bee.  Last weekend Hubs went down to Brissy for the Boat Show with a few mates and being the fantastic husband he is found time to buy me a few Lorna Jane items.  God Bless his cotton socks!  I had another hectic weekend with soccer and gymnastics and once Mal got home on Sunday we went to his uncle's 80th birthday bash on one of the islands off Gladdy.  A lovely but full-on weekend.

Last weeks goal of getting to sleep by 9:30 was a bit harder than expected.  Not so much the getting to bed but sleeping through the night.  I am waking up several times a night and once I was sort of sleep walking.  I say "sort of" as I was kind of aware what I was doing but I was half asleep.  I was actually looking for a light that was left on but there was none, I must have been dreaming.  Weird!  Anyway, its a work in progress.  I had the best night's sleep last night waking before my alarm and took Mossy for his walk.  Its amazing how much better one feels after enough rest.

Training is going along quite well.  Got to the gym a few times last week and had DOMS in my back and shoulders the whole weekend.  Legs were on Monday and am feeling it today.  I love, love, love DOMS.  I've bought a couple of new DVDs off Liz and am still yet to try them.  I think I'll give them a bash on the weekend.

This weeks goal is drinking water.  Working in a lab makes this a bit of a challenge as I can't just have my water bottle sitting beside me at all times and I tend to get caught up in my work, forgetting about drinking.  The plan is to take regular pit stops and duck in the crib room for a quick swig.

Hope everyone has a great week!
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