Sunday, June 07, 2009

This Week's Wrap Up

I have tried to blog several times this week but other things just popped up. This week had some definite highs and lows. I started the week well rested after a nice quiet weekend but unfortunately one bad night's sleep through all of that out the window. Work continues to be sucky and I've needed to remind myself constantly of our trip to Perth which is the reason I haven't told them to shove their job where the sun don't shine. It seems like sleep, or the lack thereof, is an somewhat of an issue across the blogging world. I'm not sure how I'm going to stop the constant nightmares I'm having regarding my job - maybe some sort of meditation of an evening might help.

On the flip-side, I've had some cracking workouts this week plus food has been pretty good. My weight is still the same but I'm happy with how I'm travelling at the moment. I bought a couple of new DVDs last week and tried them out throughout the week. All I can say is 'Holy Moley!' I had heard the Butts and Guts one was a toughie but whoa! I just about gave myself an uppercut for buying that one! I also dragged out my Amy Bento Hi-Lo Knockout DVD for a bit of fun. I've only done this one a couple of time and was pleased when I got the choreo down. She goes so fast it can be hard to keep up but I did it and was a little ball of sweat when I was done.

In other news, I got my biopsy results back from the skin specialist and found out one of the spots was a basal cell carcinoma. Not too surprising really as it had been itchy and would sometimes bleed and was the main reason I went for a check-up. I had that lasered off this week and am getting more curry from the bandaid that they put on rather than the injury - I'm allergic to some bandaids. I'm amazed by how there is absolutely no pain and its healing wonderfully. Obviously, it was well worth going to get my skin checked.
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