Sunday, August 16, 2009


It has been another busy weekend in our house. The girls have their ballet exams this week which means extra lessons as well as the normal gymnastics and soccer. I really wouldn't have it any other way. As the girls dance lessons were after each other I took both of them yesterday, dropped Missy T off and took Moo to the footy field nearby for a footy field workout. Man, I am sooooo sore today. Its been awhile since I've done sprints ... I'm flat out walking today :o) Of course Moo decided to help me out while I was doing push-ups and plank by sitting on my back. Nothing quite like having an 8 year old kid on your back yelling at you to give her 10 more - I think she watches too much 'Biggest Loser.' I may have a future PT in training. LOL!

Food hasn't been great this weekend. It was Mal's birthday yesterday which meant I made a cake for him yesterday - a major trigger of mine - and last night we made pizza. This morning I was bloated and feeling yuck. I remember when Moo was little if she got chocolate she wouldn't get hyper but would get cranky instead which I always found strange. I have discovered that I get like that as well - too much junk food makes Michelle one crabby girl. Another good reason to stay away from those foods.
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