Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Home Today

Missy T is sick today so I've had to stay at home. The poor little bugga had high temps and croup-like symptoms last night which meant not much sleep for either of us. Fortunately the vapouriser did the trick and eased her breathing so we got a few hours in. Of course I panicked when I woke up this morning and couldn't hear her rattly breathing and then couldn't sleep until I checked on her. Not fun!

Not much else to report. Things aren't going so great on the weight front. 3 weeks till we head to Perth and I'm at the same spot I was when I started. I'm not sure if its the heat up here or just hormones but I have been retaining so much fluid the last couple of weeks. I feel like a puffer fish at the moment. Maybe I need to go on an asparagus bender - I'm sure my workmates and family would lurve that! LOL!
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