Sunday, September 20, 2009

Outta Here

This time tomorrow we will be on the plane to Perth. It will be interesting being without a computer for 2 weeks, Mal went out to have a look at laptops yesterday but came home with nothing. It most probably won't be a bad thing to have some time without blogs, Facebook or Twitter. Mind you, I will be able to update from my phone.

I have a few challenges coming up in the next couple of weeks - food being the biggest of all. I have plans of having snacks in my bag and eat out at lunch, its as much about cost as it is about eating clean. The hardest part will be when we are around my family - my sis does love her coffee and cake. I'm planning on taking my resistance bands and as we are staying at a caravan park, I will be able to use the playground equipment for some workouts if I feel like it. Training isn't high on my priority list as I really feel like a mini-break from it all but I want to be prepared if I get in the mood for a sesh.

I guess I better go and pack. See you on the flipside!
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