Thursday, October 08, 2009

I'm Back

Above are photos of the family at my niece's wedding. It was an absolutely fantastic day and the weather was perfect - pretty amazing considering it was cold and raining all week and then raining again the day after. The weather came as a rude shock to us as we had spent the few days before leaving in singlets and shorts with the air con going, when we got to Perth is was 12degC in the middle of the day! Yikes! Mind you, it was lovely to see green grass for a change.
We had a fabulous time taking the kids to the zoo, aquarium and King's Park to see the wild flowers (and for them to roll down the hill) plus the science nerd in me had to take them to Scitech. The old credit card got a flogging - got my LJ fix and, of course, we made a couple of trips to various wineries and breweries (as well as the chocolate and nougat factory).
Apart from walking around the sites and dancing up a storm at the wedding, I did absolutely no exercise for the 2 weeks over there as there was no way in hell I was getting up in the cold and rain. I remember saying to Mal at one point how lovely it was to not think about food and training. It has amazed me catching up on the many blogs that I am at a similar point to a lot of people in the blog world. Yes, I love my training and I also love eating clean but life is too short to weigh up every morsel of food and to live out of tuppaware containers. Time to start enjoying life.

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