Saturday, October 17, 2009

Post Holiday Slump

Its seems as though I have been hit with a case of the blues after our holiday. I guess its largely because we have had to hit the ground running since getting back. The girls have had their tap exams this week which meant extra lessons so there was lots of extra running around the last two weeks. The upside of that is that my gym is just around the corner so a couple of times I could get in an extra workout for the week. Despite my lack of motivation I have got in some great workouts. Routine is such a fantastic thing. I swear if I didn't have Mossy I would find it a lot harder to get up in the morning, having a border collie means I have to at least go walking everyday.

Next weekend I am heading to Rocky/Yeppoon for the weekend with my girlfriends. It should be fantastic and some much needed "girltime" then the following weekend Mal and I are heading to Adelaide for another wedding sans kidlets - exciting!!
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