Saturday, December 19, 2009

Results Are In

I finally went back to the doctor after my blood tests to see why I'm tired all the time. The results show that I'm in perfect health. Iron, thyroid, blood sugar all smack bang in the middle. Cholesterol is fantastic - there is a lot to be said about healthy living. So my issues are not medical so now its time to look at lifestyle. I'm hoping to make some changes in the near future but the ball is in someone else's court. Sometimes I think it would be easier if it were medical.

The kidlets have been away this week so I had the opportunity to ride to work a couple of times which was fabulous. I enjoy it so much and wish I could do it more often. Its funny because I'm shattered afterwards - its so different to riding my spin bike - and I have to make sure I have a bite to eat once I get to work otherwise I'm fried for a bit.

Not much else happening apart from getting ready for Christmas.
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