Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year!

Like most people I've have been reflecting on the past year. I have to say 2009 was a struggle. I have had the best times with our trip to Perth and Adelaide as well as a couple of girl's weekends thrown in but to be frank the rest of the year was meh, nothing specific - nothing bad happened I have just been very unhappy. I'm determined to make 2010 my year and I'm already on my way with a new job. A few weeks ago I applied for a job as an admin assistant at a rival lab - as an industrial chemist this is quite a change but to be honest I'm tired of lab work after being in the industry for nearly 20 years. I didn't get that job but instead got a technical officer role which is quality assurance and helping in admin too. I'm both excited and nervous as I'm going to be out of my comfort zone (which is a good thing).

I have been thinking about my goals for the year and here they are:

  • spend quality time with the family. I think I need to take a leaf out of Raechelle's and have a computer free Sunday.
  • slow down. I feel as though we spent this year running from one social engagement to another. While its fantastic having a busy social life I need to realise its okay to say no and just stay home.
  • get better organised. I say this every year but seeing as Moo got a comment on her report card about her tardiness I really need to do something about it.
  • compete again. I'm not sure about this one because as anyone with a family knows its such a committment that everyone in the family has to make. I am looking at the October comps and think I will train with that in mind and see where the cards fall a bit closer to then.
I think that's pretty much it. I'm looking forward to a fantastic 2010!
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