Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I find Fitness Forums a great place to ‘meet’ like-minded people plus get some fantastic advice. As someone who has very few friends that are committed to health and fitness, forums and blogs are my life-line. Isn’t weird that I get so frustrated with them? I’m not sure what it is. Is it because I have not had to lose massive amounts of weight and therefore feel like my measly goal of maintenance is trivial? Or is it because I’m not ‘surviving’ on 1200 calories a day, training for hours at a time and enjoying my Friday arv drinks and nibblies without any guilt that I’m not committed? Maybe it’s because I haven’t cleaned out my cupboards of all the ‘bad’ food because I don’t want my children to get on the dieting rollercoaster and enjoy the occasional treat and therefore I’m a bad parent who is raising girls who will be overweight and unhappy? I feel like screaming that skinny does not equal happiness. I get frustrated with the mindset that 12 weeks is going to be tough but it's a short time in the scheme of things and everything will be wonderful afterwards, from experience (and I know we have all been there) it’s the after that is hardest of all.
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