Wednesday, March 03, 2010

The BCC Saga Continues

I think it has been nearly 1 year since I had my skin examination and found a BCC on my shoulder. I decided to get it lasered out due to minimal scarring. Unfortunately the little sucker didn’t go way as it wasn’t as superficial as the pathology suggested. The next step was the Aldara cream. For 6 weeks I had this crusty looking scab on my shoulder and toward the end it looked absolutely feral. I went to the skin specialist after the 6 weeks with some scarring which is unusual for this treatment so she prescribed some cortisone cream. A few months later there is no change in the pigmentation of my skin and I have a pink scar on my shoulder which doesn’t concern me too much – it’s not like it’s my face. It is because my immune system is so good (it’s a bugga being healthy!) that my body responded too well to the treatment. The lesson learnt is that in future when I have a BCC I will not be using an immune response modifier to get rid of it.
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