Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wednesday Week 3 Weigh In

For some reason my body doesn’t like Wednesdays, my weight was up 600g from Saturday – I know it will be down by the weekend so it’s no big.

I know that what I’m going to say can seem like sour grapes, that’s not my intention so I apologise if it comes off that way. The challenge has some awesome prizes with first prize a trip to Fiji. Now I would love, love, love to win a trip to anywhere (even Brissy would be fantastic) but, as I have said previously, I don’t have snowballs chance in hell in winning anything. I have noticed that so many people are going well above and beyond the program. One person did something like 3.5 hours of exercise yesterday and I know I just can’t compete with that workload. It concerns me that so many people are training like that as well as not having their snacks throughout the day which means more often than not they are consuming well less than the 1200 calories. Instead of the experts explaining the dangers of overtraining, it seems as though these people are congratulated which worries me. I feel like the competition isn’t about Michelle’s program because those who choose to follow the program are being left behind. On the flip-side, before I had children I would train like a demon, going to the gym, then doing an aerobics class and then play touch footy so I guess there are people in the challenge that have the time and energy and I need to remind myself of that.

There are shout-outs for people who crack the 1000 and 2000 calories burnt in a session. I understand that this can dependent on the individual’s size but then you have others that are feeling guilty and busting their gut to try and get ‘into the club.’ Now I don’t know how many cals I burn in one session as I don’t have a monitor but I know I would struggle to come close – does that mean I am not trying hard enough? No! But that’s the way I (and several others) are feeling. I wonder if it would be different if there weren’t prizes. I also wonder how many of these people are going to crash and burn after the challenge is over. I hope I’m wrong.
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