Friday, March 05, 2010

The Week in Review

As we are nearing the end of the first week I have had some mixed emotions regarding the challenge.

  • The food – as someone who doesn’t like seafood I have given myself the challenge of trying everything on the plan with an open mind. The meals have been delicious and my favourites so far are the Thai pork salad and the kangaroo. They are fairly easy to make and don’t take much time to prep. I’ll be using them all in the future for sure.
  • Results - I lost 700 g in the first week (weigh in was Wednesday) which is bloody good for me.
  • The training – I love having a program to follow. The program doesn’t take too much time and my legs are a little bit tender today. I have set myself some lifting goals which I think are more fitting for me than weight loss.
  • The fitness test – I like having a starting point that is not weight/measurement related. I can’t wait to see the improvements.
  • Having some goals – I hate running but this week I really enjoyed it and I think it was having something to work towards. I enjoyed it that much that I went out again the next day.
  • The website – I love how you can select where you want to workout (either the gym, home or outdoors) so you can mix it up to suit your individual needs. The eating plan is well set out.
  • The Live Webcast – it is great to have that feeling of one-on-one with Mish. I kept on telling my daughters that we are BFF’s. LOL!
  • Just Do It Attitude – I love Mish’s responses on the forum when someone ate crap on the first day. She didn’t mollycoddle and basically ripped a fart up them. It’s great to see.
  • Great prizes

  • I knew it was going to be a generic program but I was a little disappointed with the at home options of either a cardio DVD or toning DVD. In saying that everyone would have different set-ups at home and they can’t cater for everyone. Instead I do a bit of the gym program and a bit of the outdoors option.
  • I have a feeling that the program is set up for a certain demographic ie a group of people with a lot of weight to shift. I’m finding that I’m not trusting the process. Again, I have reminded myself that this is a generic program and they have to cater for the majority. If I wanted a personalized program I would have gone elsewhere and paid the extra money.
  • The shopping list is a not affordable. I can’t justify 4 punnets of strawberries at nearly $5 a punnet here and they were half rotten. I’ve substituted where I could.
  • I couldn’t get a lot of the things on the shopping list. The joys of living in the sticks.
  • The forum is doing my head in. I know Mish and her staff can’t answer or comment on everything but it’s a worry when someone asks a question and all you get is answers from other forum members who do not have the knowledge/qualifications. Time to give it a miss, but I find it’s a bit like roadkill … I don’t want to look but I just can’t help myself.
  • I know I don’t have a hope in hell of winning any of the prizes. I don’t have a lot of weight to shift, I know I’m not going to have any lightbulb moments (I had those years ago) and I’m not one of those people who are all fake-nice on the forums or comment that often. I know it’s not about the prizes but it would be nice to have a fighting chance.
I’m interested in seeing how it progresses.
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