Friday, April 02, 2010

Week 5 Summary

This week has been a struggle. I'm not sure if it's because it's the end of term and we are all plain, old worn out but I've had to dig deep. I had a sleep-in this morning and feel so much better for it. On the positive side I got all my prescribed workouts in and diet has been okay - even though I had a Dagwood Dog at the Harbour Festival last night (pretty gross really, I don't why I bothered). The funny thing is my weight is down this morning.

As usual when I'm tired, Lucy, the inner-labrador, has been sniffing around wanting to be fed. I've had to put her on a leash and work hard not to raid the kid's Easter Eggs (or any other junk that we have). The challenge for me is to not let her out this weekend as that's the hardest time for me. I do so well through the week only to let loose on the weekend. I'm not going to be a saint, I will allow myself Easter Eggs and Hot Cross Buns but I'm not going to eat for the sake of eating.

Have a great Easter everyone!
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