Friday, April 09, 2010

Week 6 Summary

I've had to mix things up a little this week as my parents came to look after the kiddies for the school hols. This meant moving my gym out of the spare room and taking some of my workouts outdoors, I'm sure they wouldn't appreciate me doing a cardio DVD right outside their room.

Boxing wasn't on on Monday due to the Public Holiday so the plan was to do one of Mish's outdoor circuits. I've always enjoyed the Footy Field style workouts and this was no different - Mossy loves 'em too. Once Missy T starts back at soccer I will be spending my Saturday mornings doing these workouts. Wednesday saw me going out for an hour run, I have actually never ran that far before and it was awesome, I felt great afterwards and maybe had a little more in the tank. Mossy loved this one too - being a working dog he prefers to run than walk I think. I also rode to work a couple of days as well. My new job is only about 15 - 20 minutes away from home so it's a nice comfortable ride (except for our bloody hill at the end!)

I've started to mix up the mealplans to suit the family. I find it easier to have leftovers for lunch, we cook extras rather than prepare something totally different. I was finding I was cooking 2 meals everynight, one for dinner and one for lunch which is not practical for me. Breakfasts on the plan were mainly fruit salad and yoghurt or toasted muesli and fruit which doesn't last in my belly and I would be famished by smoko. I am also finding it was a bit of the same thing for Breaky everyday - not a lot of variety. I like to change things up a little. But I continue to add some yummy recipes to my collection that I will be used after the challenge has finished and there are a couple of recipes that I would use when we have people over for dinner.

All-in-all it has been a pretty good week.
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