Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What was I thinking?

I am so very tired today. I had a massive boxing session last night and my body is exhausted. We had an odd number of people last night and to save the instructor padding up I offered to go on the bag as it's easier if she can focus on counting and calling out the sets. It was great as I didn't get a rest as I could box the whole time and not have to wear the pads. About 10 minutes from the end my shoulders were cactus and I could box no more so to keep my heartrate up I did burpees and squat jumps ( I was feeling a little crazy). Nearly 400 calories all up, not a bad little effort.

This week, we have been given the task of doing a 'triathlon'. The advanced section involves a 1 km swim, 30 km bike ride and 8 km run. I'm still trying to figure out the logistics. The run is not an issue but the bike ride and swim are proving to be a little more difficult. Surprise, surprise, the local pool doesn't open until 9 am on the weekends and most of the bike tracks are only a few km long and I really don't fancy doing several laps to get to 30 km. I had originally thought I could ride to the pool (which is about 10 - 15 km round trip), do the swim and then ride home but I don't want to ride the streets while there is a lot of traffic around plus Missy T has soccer on Saturday morning which means I have to get up early to get it done. The other option is to do a DVD and then get on the spin bike but I would much rather get outside for my ride. Another option is to do this thing on Sunday. It is all starting to get too hard.
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