Thursday, June 03, 2010


Things have been going fairly well this week. I'm enjoying my 3 day split with the weights and have been lucky enough to have a slight drop in the scales today. I feel like I could have increased my weights so have made a mental note to do so next week. I have a nasty little legs sesh planned for tonight and can expect I'll be walking around like an old granny tomorrow. Hopefully Body Balance afterwards will help alleviate some of the pain.

I'm really enjoying this challenge, there is no focus on a particular type of training or diet, whatever works for you and your lifestyle. Our team is very supportive of each other which is lovely. I love being around like-minded people.

Of course, going straight from one challenge to another one I have found myself reflecting on the 12wbt some more. I think the highlight for me was the pre-season tasks and one of the best of these was the 'Get Real' task. Excuses for not training are split into 3 categories, the first is Internal Excuses, you know when you talk yourself out of training because you aren't 'motivated' or too tired . The second is External Excuses that are within my control like it's too cold/rainy or I'm too busy. Last but not least is the External Excuses that are out of my control like sick children or having to work overtime. We then had to come up with solutions for each excuse that we typically use, obviously there is not a lot you can do about the last category. I've had a few moments over the last week where I would have normally blown off training altogether but have managed to come with a solution. As Mish said, "No excuses!"
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